Since 1958 Riverbend Energetics has been involved in research, development and production contracts for the energetics and CAD/PAD industries.
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Riverbend Energetics was incorporated in 1958 as Hanley Industries by explosive and pyrotechnic personnel from Atlas Powder Co., Olin's Explosives Division, and the Armament Division of Universal Match Corp. The founders quickly brought together associates who had, in combined years, more knowledge and history in the field of explosives and pyrotechnics than most other companies existing at the time.

The early years saw many research and development contracts. Research and development work led naturally to production contracts and Riverbend Energetics quickly became a trusted source for energetic devices for artillery and bomb fuses. When John F. Kennedy set the nation upon the path to the moon in 1961, NASA called upon Riverbend Energetics to design and manufacture explosive bolts critical to the safety of the astronauts.

With the onset of the Vietnam War, Riverbend Energetics began to get more production contracts. In time, Riverbend Energetics transitioned to a 3-shift operation, producing 40,000 detonators per day, week after week. By 1980, Riverbend Energetics had outgrown its original grounds an the move was made to the present facility. In 2001, additional land was purchased for future expansion.

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